The Telegraph unveils new brand campaign

29 August 2017

The Telegraph has launched a new integrated brand campaign, which aims to showcase its award-winning quality journalism and reappraisal of the brand.

The campaign made its debut during one of the year’s TV highlights with a 40 second advert during the Game of Thrones finale on Monday 28th August.

It is now being rolled out across TV, cinema, out-of-home, audio, digital and print. adam&eveDDB created the campaign in collaboration with The Telegraph’s in-house marketing and creative teams.

The creative utilises famous cultural references – from politics, to sport and pop-culture – to highlight iconic moments when words have been considered and chosen well to deliver the most impact. Executionally, the campaign brings to life specific words that, through their inherent power, have taken route in culture or affected the very course of history.

At a time when fake news has become more prevalent, it seeks to demonstrate the influence and importance of the spoken and written word, and the role that quality journalism plays in providing news, insight and analysis. It is with this in mind that the advert ends with the line, ‘Words are powerful. Choose them well’.

Also highlighted is The Telegraph’s multi-platform strategy which aims to bring Telegraph content to consumers wherever they are, with content being available across digital, on third party platforms, audio and print.

Words chosen well builds on The Telegraph’s broader Think Ahead brand positioning and belief that knowledge, information and insight are the keys to moving forward in today’s world.

Robert Bridge, Chief Customer Officer, The Telegraph said: “Words chosen well is a bold and engaging campaign that is both visual and thought provoking. Quality journalism has never been more important but in an era of fake news it’s vital that we continue to raise awareness and encourage reappraisal of The Telegraph amongst new audiences, on whichever platform they use.”

Mat Goff, Joint-CEO, adam&eveDDB added “We’ve created a campaign with the team at The Telegraph that not only champions the quality of The Telegraph, it also contains a strong competitive message and provokes consumers into thinking carefully about the news they choose to follow. We’re very excited about it.”

To support the campaign a new brand hub has been created on the Telegraph’s website which can be found at where the new full length TV advert can also be viewed. The hub will be updated through the course of the campaign with exclusive content around the concept of Words chosen well.



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