Will It Kill Me? – new social video series by The Telegraph

9 September 2019

The Telegraph has launched a new weekly social video series  – Will It Kill Me? –  starting today that uses science to put the biggest health trends on social feeds under the microscope.  This is the first Snap Show produced by The Telegraph, created to target the platform’s audience.

Presented by The Telegraph’s  Hajra Rahim and Billy Hodder, the series turns the spotlight on trending health myths and popular misconceptions using serious scientific evidence to answer questions and examine claims.  It was designed for vertical consumption, with original episode themes and content.

The initial season of six episodes will launch as a Snap Show on Snapchat’s Discover platform.  The series will focus on the following health topics:

  • Can you die from a UTI?

  • Can you be fat and fit?

  • Will CBD cure my anxiety?

  • Are memes bringing diseases back from the dead?

  • Is this secret ingredient killing us?

  • Are contraceptive apps safe?

Episodes are published every Monday at 6am, with the first premiering on Monday September 9. Each show is three to four minutes long.

Mike Adamson, Head of Publishing and Deputy Editor, The Telegraph said: ‘‘This series is a first on Snap for The Telegraph and a collaboration between our Global Health Security Desk and the social media team. It’s fun, informative  and shareable, but with a serious intent to examine the many health trends and claims that are shared in the social world”.


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