Telegraph Media Group Subscription Numbers – April 16th, 2020

16 April 2020

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) remains focused on a subscriber-first strategy underpinned by long term investment in The Telegraph’s digital transformation: the numbers that reflect the success of our business are our subscriber numbers.

TMG’s transformation will continue into the following years and the 10-1-23 strategy remains central to our vision – namely the aim to reach 10 million registrants and 1 million subscribers to sign up to the Telegraph by 2023.

We are transparent with our core monthly subscriber numbers which are omni-channel.  We also share both volumes and average revenue per subscription, as below:-

In March 2020, The Telegraph had:

  • 442,386 subscriptions across print and digital, with 14,836 of net new subscriptions this month.

  • Digital = 232,761 , Print = 209,625

  • ARPS (blended average revenue per subscription) of £200.96

  • We have 6,364,343 registrants.

Weekly average number of active subscriptions across the prior calendar month. This is for the 5 weeks of March up until and including 29th March.

The March subscriptions and ARPS numbers were subject to assurance by PwC, and the next audit of subscriptions and ARPS will audit the June 2020 numbers.

Key highlights:

  • This was The Telegraph’s biggest month to date for subscriptions growth, in terms of both new subscription acquisitions and net growth. The majority of the growth was on the digital subscriptions side, but it was also the biggest month for new print subscriptions since the MPs expenses scandal in 2009.

  • New subscriptions were driven by very high audience engagement. March saw the highest number of visitors to the site for two years, and repeat visits were at their highest ever level. The homepage had its best month for traffic since the 2016 EU referendum. Engagement of our record number of new subscribers has been strong.

  • This engagement was largely because of the reporting of the Covid-19 pandemic. Coverage ranged from the latest breaking news and developments on the global health live blog, to health, money, travel, food, education and property channels.

  • New editorial initiatives included You Are Not Alone, a campaign showcasing community spirit, which took over our Features pages in print with the best advice and tips for coping with isolation, and online offered a new daily newsletter, regular news Q&As, lifestyle webchats and Culture “watchalongs” with our experts, a new dedicated community group, and much more.

  • A new daily coronavirus podcast, Coronavirus: The Latest, was launched and quickly became one of our most popular ever, generating more than 1 million listens in its first week alone.

  • The Telegraph’s YouTube channel passed through the 1 million subscriber mark.

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