Telegraph Media Group Subscription Numbers – September 17, 2020

17 September 2020

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) remains focused on a subscriber-first strategy underpinned by long term investment in The Telegraph’s digital transformation: the numbers that reflect the success of our business are our subscriber numbers.

TMG’s transformation will continue into the following years and the 10-1-23 strategy remains central to our vision – namely the aim to reach 10 million registrants and 1 million subscribers to sign up to the Telegraph by 2023.

We are transparent with our core monthly subscriber numbers which are omni-channel.  We also share both volumes and average revenue per subscription, as below:

In August 2020, The Telegraph had:

  • 511,837 subscriptions across print and digital, with 6,757 of net new subscriptions this month.

  • Digital = 309,889, Print =  201,948

  • ARPS (blended average revenue per subscription) of £197.06

  • We have 6,759,565 registrants.

Weekly average number of active subscriptions across the prior financial month. This is for the 4 weeks of August covering 27th July to 23rd August.

The Subscriptions and ARPS (annual net revenue per subscription) totals are independently assured by PwC.  The last audit took place for the period ending June 2020. The next audit will take place for the period ending September 2020.

Key highlights included:

  • Key areas of interest for our readership around the Covid-19 pandemic coverage this month included reporting of the lockdown and articles and columns, particularly by Allister Heath, which  focused on topics that have included amongst others the demise of the city centre, how to pay for the virus and the UK’s failing bureaucracy.

  • Ongoing reporting of travel quarantines, including breaking stories on the latest countries which would join the ‘red’ list have continued to highly interest subscribers.    These stories, along with other travel related news and advice pieces have generated hundreds of new subscriptions in August.

  • This month there was a large rise in subscriptions generated by editorial newsletters.


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