The Telegraph’s Media Literacy Programme Returns

2 March 2022

This year the scheme has been rolled out to over 150 participating students from diverse backgrounds across the regions. Its successful pilot in 2021, saw 30 London sixth-formers take part. The month-long programme aims to break down the barriers to journalism, and provide pupils with the tools and skills to think critically about the media landscape.

The course is hosted by Commuter Editions Editor Danny Boyle, and Snapchat Editor Rachel Matthews and will feature award-winning journalists from across The Telegraph’s newsroom, from a wide variety of areas including: Travel; the News Desk; Creative; Women’s Sports; Video; Beauty; Audio; Foreign Desk; and Social.

The interactive sessions include: How to be a Travel Writer; The Secrets of Visual Journalism; Inside the World of a Beauty Director; A Day in the Life of Telegraph US Correspondent; How to be a Sports Writer; Inside the World of a Music Writer; Making the Telegraph Beautiful; and Inside the World of Podcasts.

The final session includes career tips for working in the media industry and advice on how to write a CV. The Telegraph has once again teamed up with Deborah Streatfield who runs The Careers Office, a charity aimed at helping young people from diverse backgrounds make decisions about their future.

Ian MacGregor, Telegraph Editor Emeritus said: “After a successful pilot scheme, I’m delighted to see our Media Literacy Programme return on a much bigger scale. The Telegraph is committed to inspiring future generations to develop careers in journalism, as well as educating students on the importance of quality journalism.”

Notes for Editors Feedback from Students who took part in 2021 Pilot Scheme

“Truly inspired me, the wonderful people who lectured us spoke about their experiences in such a great way that it simply made me want to experience them myself.”

“Before this session, I honestly didn’t know such effort was put into a simple headline, it brought to my attention how integral headlines are. The beauty session also showed me a different side to journalism – when I think of journalism I always think of serious topics regarding politics etc; the beauty director showed me that journalism is extremely diverse.”

“I am very passionate about women’s rights, it was very refreshing to see the ways in which women are now included in typically male dominated spaces. It also gave me insight as to how journalism can impact cultural changes for gender equality.”

Areas with participating students include: Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds, Dorset, London, Grimsby, York, Kent, Hertfordshire, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester and Essex.


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