The Telegraph Launches New Podcast: Battle Lines

23 October 2023

The Telegraph has launched Battle Lines, a new podcast bringing together the best of its reporting of the Israel-Hamas conflict in one place. The weekly podcast, released each Friday, will feature expert insight and analysis from the Telegraph’s award -winning journalists including Sophia Yan, Senior Foreign Correspondent; Nataliya Vasilyeva, Middle East Correspondent and Danielle Sheridan, Defence Editor.

Part of the Telegraph’s ongoing investment in its audio journalism offering, Battles Lines will hear from the Telegraph’s correspondents on the ground offering their thoughts and reporting on the events they are witnessing. The podcast will be a crucial resource for anyone hoping to better understand what’s happening in Israel and Gaza. 

The first episode hears from Nataliya Vasilyeva describing her experiences reporting on the ground. 

“Starting from day one, I was on the road in the south for four days straight, going to villages and kibbutzim, which were overrun by Hamas where neighbours would tell us about seeing the neighbours taken hostage, seeing actual battles in the streets.”

Defence Editor, Danielle Sheridan, spoke about the shock Hamas’ surprise attack dealt to the world. 

“No one really expected this to happen, everyone was flabbergasted to hear of the attacks. So I think it goes to show that perhaps there was a bit of underestimation of Hamas and its capabilities. And that’s something that the British armed forces  will be looking to pay closer attention to now that this has taken so many by surprise.”

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