TMG Subscription Numbers – January 18, 2024

18 January 2024

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) remains focused on a subscription-first strategy underpinned by long term investment in The Telegraph’s digital transformation; the numbers that reflect the success of our business model are our subscription numbers.

In August 2023 we achieved our five-year strategic goal - to reach one million subscriptions in 2023. We now look to the future, with the goal to surpass the highest paying readership in our history.

Continued investment in our award-winning journalism has enabled TMG to deepen its subscriber relationships with new editorial launches and milestones reached in Q4. 

The Telegraph won a considerable number of awards in recognition of its innovation both in the commercial and editorial space in Q4. This included scooping National News Media Organisation of the Year, Investigation of the Year and Photo Journalist of the Year at the Society of Editors’ Media Freedom Awards, Consumer Cover of the Year at the British Society of Magazine Editors Awards, Political Cartoonist of the Year at the Ellwood Atfield Political Cartoon of the Year Awards and The Best Ad Ops Team at The Wires Awards, among others.

TMG discloses both volumes and average revenue per subscription as below, and remains unique in the market for doing so, with third party independent verification. We share these figures on a quarterly basis in line with the verification cycle.

In Q4 we had an overall increase of 2.3% for all subscriptions with an increase in digital subscriptions of 2.7% (vs Q3).

TMG subscription figures incorporate three categories: 

  1. Telegraph Print

  2. Telegraph Digital

  3. Other - comprised of Telegraph Wine Cellar, Telegraph Puzzles and Chelsea Magazine Company subscriptions. 

For the period ending 31st December 2023, Telegraph Media Group had:

  • 1,035,710 subscriptions 

  • Print = 117,586  Digital = 688,012  Other = 230,112 

  • ARPS (blended average revenue per subscription): £145.91

Weekly average number of active subscriptions across the prior financial month. This is for the 5 weeks of December from the 27th November until the 31st December.

The next verification will take place for the period ending March 2024.

Key highlights for Q4 include:

  • The Telegraph launched a comprehensive new health advice hub. Telegraph Health, the complete guide to diet, fitness, wellbeing and illness, is curated to help subscribers understand their health and how to take early preventative action, with the help of a team of respected commentators: Tim Spector, Sam Rice, Matt Roberts and the Telegraph’s own Bryony Gordon and Boudicca Fox-Leonard.

  • The Telegraph’s YouTube channel continues to go from strength to strength. TMG is now the news publisher with the highest number of YouTube subscribers, worldwide with over 5.2m subscribers.

  • The Telegraph launched Battle Lines, a new podcast bringing together the best of its reporting of the Israel-Hamas conflict in one place. Part of the Telegraph’s ongoing investment in its audio journalism offering, Battles Lines hears from the Telegraph’s correspondents on the ground offering their thoughts and reporting on the events they are witnessing.

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