Telegraph Media Group Subscription Numbers – May 21st, 2020

21 May 2020

Telegraph Media Group (TMG) remains focused on a subscriber-first strategy underpinned by long term investment in The Telegraph’s digital transformation: the numbers that reflect the success of our business are our subscriber numbers. 

TMG’s transformation will continue into the following years and the 10-1-23 strategy remains central to our vision – namely the aim to reach 10 million registrants and 1 million subscribers to sign up to the Telegraph by 2023. 

We are transparent with our core monthly subscriber numbers which are omni-channel.  We also share both volumes and average revenue per subscription, as below:-

In April, TMG had:- 

  • 460,813 subscriptions across print and digital, with 18,367 net new subscriptions. 

  • Digital = 251,052, Print = 209,761

  • ARPS (blended average revenue per subscription) of £199.36

  • We have 6,538,303 registrants.

Weekly average number of active subscriptions across the prior calendar month. This is for the 4 weeks of April covering 30th March to 26th April.

The March subscriptions and ARPS numbers were subject to assurance by PwC, and the next audit of subscriptions and ARPS will audit the June 2020 numbers. 

Key highlights:- 

  • The coronavirus live blog and our many exclusive, agenda-setting news stories continued to attract a large, engaged readership.  This month we launched the Coronavirus Live Tracker, a data hub on tracking cases in the UK and globally, as well as providing information and graphics outlining the latest symptoms, the number of tests taking place each day and the economic impact of lockdown. This was the most visited page on the site by our subscribers.

  • Alongside the recent editorial initiative You Are Not Alone, which continues to showcase community spirit, we launched Brave New World, a new editorial series looking at the innovative ways businesses are supporting their communities at this difficult time.

  • Other new initiatives this month included The Lockdown Awards, which gave readers the chance to celebrate their personal heroes of lockdown and has received 1300 entries.

  • We also launched a new series of Bryony Gordon’s

     Mad World Podcast and a new Snap show So, you’re in a pandemic, which had more than 3.5 million viewers for its first four episodes.


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